Compnay Introduction

We will do our best to become a company that puts the promise with customers first and insists on only the best products

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Founded in 1984, Daeyeon provides the best and most stable products through continuous technology development and thorough quality control in order to produce and supply safe and perfect products based on 30 years of accumulated technology and We will do our best to contribute to the gas piping and water piping industry with abundant experience, perfect high-quality service

In 1994, EF (Electric Fusion Fittng), which had been dependent only on imported products, was developed and localized for the first time in Korea. Until now, our product has been recognized for its excellent product quality, such as economic efficiency, chemical resistance, simplicity, and lightness, which are inherent advantages of polyethylene, and currently occupies about 80% of the domestic market share.

In addition, we developed a polyethylene ball valve in 1998 and entered the gas pipe construction site after undergoing close inspection and product inspection by the Gas Safety Corporation, establishing ourselves as the best polyethylene joint pipe manufacturer in Korea.

In recognition of Daeyeon's products in the domestic market as well as overseas, it is steadily exporting to 28 countries including the United States, Japan, Australia, China, Russia, and India.