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  • KS Certificate
  • KS인증
  • ASTM
  • Quality management systems
    (ISO 9001)
  • Environment
    management system
    (ISO 14001)
  • CE
  • TUV EN
    (EN 1555-4)
  • TUV EN
  • Enterprise-affiliated
    research institute
  • World-Class product certificate
  • Technology Innovation
    Small and Medium Businesses
    (INNO-BIZ) Confirmation
  • Confirmation of
    venture businesses
  • Parts, equipment
    specialized company
  • Smart factory level
    confirmation certificate
List of domestic and overseas certificates
NO ITEM Standard No. Cerificate Certification istitution Remark
1 Domestic KS M ISO 10933 Polyethylene valves for gas distribution systems PE80 Korean Standard Association
2 KS M ISO 8085-2 Polyethylene fittings for use with polyethylene pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels - Metric series - Specifications - Part 2: Spigot fittings for butt fusion, for socket fusion using heated tools and for use with electro fusion fittings Korean Standard Association
3 KS M ISO 8085-3 Polyethylene fittings for use with polyethylene pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels - Metric series- Specifications - Part 3: Elctro fusion fitting Korean Standard Association
4 KS M 3513 KS Polyethylene coupling for gas Korean Standard Association
5 KS M 3408-3 KS Plastic pipe line - polyethylene - part3 : coupling Korean Standard Association
6 KC KC Sanitary safety certification - Polyethylene coupling for Water KIWATEC
7 Overseas EN 1555-4 Type test Gas ball valve TUV
8 EN12201-4 Type test Water ball valve TUV
9 EN 1555-4 CE safety certificate Gas ball valve TUV
10 EN12201-3 WRAS Water EF Fitting WRAS/ UK
11 ASME B16.40 Gas ball valve TUV
12 GB/T 15558.3-2008 Type test inspection report China National Chemical Building Material Measurement Center
13 GB/T 15558.3-2008 Special equipment type test certificate China National Chemical Building Material Measurement Center
14 Common ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems (KS Q ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 9001:2015) Korea gas safety corporation
15 ISO 14001:2015 Environment management system (KS I ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015) Korea gas safety corporation
16 EN 1555-3 Type test Gas EF Fitting TUV
17 - World-class product certificate Minister of knowledge economy
18 - Enterprise-affiliated research institute certificate korea industrial technology association.
19 - Inno-Biz Ministry of SMEs and Startups
20 - Confirmation of venture businesses KIBO
21 - Gas Equipment Manufacturing Business License Asan-si
22 - Parts, equipment specialized company Korea evaluation institute of industrial technology
23 - Smart factory level confirmation certificate SRCB Level 1
24 - Root Enterprise Confirmation KPIC