Greetings from CEO

We will do our best to become a company that puts the promise with customers first and insists on only the best products

We sincerely welcome you to visit Daeyeon Co., Ltd.'s website.

We have grown and developed with the principle to produce the world's first-class products based on our technology and product quality since our establishment in 1984.

We have produced and supplied polyethylene (PE), electrofusion (EF), and Heat-fusion (HF) fittings and ball valve products for gas and water pipe by designing and manufacturing product and mold while running our own technology institute.

Our products have received thorough quality management to be supplied to over 30 global countries including South Korea.

We are sincerely thankful for our customers’ incessant interest and support. Going forward, we would like to 2003 ask your continuous interest and support. 2004 We, Daeyoun Co., Ltd., promise to be 2005 always besides you.

Thank you very much

CEO Kim Yung Sik