Quality Assurance system

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Test equipment
ITEM Equipment Nominal capacity
Q'ty Usage
Test Equipment
Elevated temp, sustained pressure tester 20kgf / ㎠ 2 Elevated temp. sustained pressure test
Water pressure tester 100kgf / ㎠ 1 Water pressure and burst test
Impact resistance ester - 1 Falling dart impact test of Vales and Saddles
Hydraulic compressor 20A ~ 400A 1 Compression peel test on the fusion conncetion
Density tester 0 ~ 210g 0.1mg 2 Density and specific gravity
Thermstatic chamber -40 ~ 50℃ 1 Density and specific gravity
Leak tightness tester 10kgf / ㎠ 2 Leak test
Torque meter 70kgf . M 5 Vake torque measurement
Rubber hardness test 경도 100(Type) 1 Rubber hardness measurement
Pressing load tester 5,000kgf . M 1 Durability measurement
Height gauge 600mm 1 Height measurement
Resistance tester 20A ~ 400A 2 Resistance measurement
Melt mass flowrate(MFR) tester 300℃ 1 MFR test
Infared moisture analyzer 5 ~ 70g 2 Volatility and moisture test
X-RAY tester - 1 Hot wire and bubble identification
  • Quality Assurance / Tensile testing machine
    ㆍThe only domestic company with full-section tensile testing machine among other polyethylene(PE) valve and fittings enterprises
    ㆍMaximum tensile load : 250ton
    ㆍSecure product quality by conducting a full-section tensile-strength test on the product whose maximum outer diameter is 1,000mm
  • Quality Assurance / Elevated temp. sustained pressure tester
    ㆍPossible Temperature for Test : 20℃ ~ 100℃
    ㆍTest Pressure(Hoop stress) : 4Mpa ~ 12.4Mpa
    ㆍ Available port Q’ty : 20port
    ㆍ Possible to test upto max out diameter 1,000mm
  • Quality Assurance / X-RAY
    ㆍSecure the maximum size of X-RAY
    ㆍAble to conduct X-RAY even to 630mm valve end.
    ㆍEnsure product quality through all inspection on major product items.
    ㆍEnsure product quality through QA test during injection
  • Packaging inspection
    Product packaging is the final process, and all products are inspected for quality assurance. "Resistance measurement, appearance condition, heat ray alignment, etc." are inspected and only passed products are packaged.