Strength of EF coupling

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Features and product standard of E/F Coupling for Gas and Water

Daeyeon's Electro Fusion Fitting (E/F) was developed for the first time in Korea in 1994 and successfully localized.

▶ Electro fusion fitting system
Hot wire is embedded inside of fittings, once electricity is provided through the wire, electric resistance heat generated by the wire’s resistance combine the fittings’ inside and PE pipe’s outside through melting. Once the “START” button in the fusion machine is pressed, fusion is automatically conducted in certain period due to control resistance, It is a system in which perfect fusion proceeds as the void between the pipe and the joint pipe is filled with volume expansion by PE melting according to the temperature change of the hot wire.
▶ Features of Electro fusion fitting(E/F)
1. 1. Feature of POLYETHYLEN(PE)
- - PE has great corrosion resistance, Chemical resistance, and cold resistance and semi-permanent
2. 2. Easy construction by ONE TOUCH method
- The fusion and cooling time are automatically set only by connecting the connecting terminal of the fusion machine, and the fusion is performed by pressing the start button
3. Affordable low cost
- Material and construction costs are more affordable than other pipes
4. Outstanding hermeticity
- Hermeticity is outstanding because Daeyoun’s E/F adopt Electro Fusion method that it has wide heat wire in it
▶ Physical features of compound
Physicals properties Unit Test Method Gas Water
Medium density (MDPE) High density (HDPE)
Density g/㎠ ASTM D 1505 0.926 - 0.941 0.955
Melt Index g/10min ASTM D 1238 0.18 - 2.0 0.08 - 0.12
Tensile Strength ㎏/㎠ ASTM D 638 200 230 ≤
Elongation at break % ASTM D 638 650 ≤ 650 ≤
Brittleness temperature ASTM D 746 -80 ≥ -80 ≥
Melt temperature ASTM D 3418 126 128
Environment stress cracking test Hours ASTM D 1693 >1,000 >1,000
Carbon black content WT % ASTM D 421 - 2.00 - 2.50
▶ E/F specifications for Gas and Water
Item Gas Water
Minimum required strength(MRS) 8bar 10bar
Maximum operating pressure 10bar 16bar
▶ Precaution before construction
1. In order to prevent defects due to power, make sure that the power supply is in good condition for the use of the electric fusion machine.
- When using a generator, the capacity must be 5Kw or more, and use it after idling for more than 10 minutes.
- The electric wire length should be within 20m and thickness should be over 5 Ø
- Rated power that fusion machine need should be (110V±5V, 220V±10V, 60hz)
- Electro fusion machine should not be used with other electric equipment consuming a lot of electric current during electric fusion
2. The Fusion operation is prohibited because the fusion operation may occur failing fusion when the temperature is below 0°C and it rains. Work after removing moisture or taking appropriate thermal insulation measures during necessary fusion work.
3. Do not drop and throw the product because it causes damage on socket and terminal pin
4. As physical properties may change, store the product indoors or away from direct sunlight..
5.Check whether the electric fusion machine you want to use operates normally and is regularly inspected with a certificate of Korea Gas Safety Corporation within one year.
▶ Precaution for Construction
1. Scrap the pipe surface 0.2mm or more before electro fusion
2. Should not exist mud and foreign material on pipe and socket where it is fused
3. When inserting pipe into the socket, it must be inserted in a straight line, and must be fully inserted to the stopper in socket
4.The connecting terminal of the fusion machine should be firmly inserted to the socket in fusion work, and the fusion time and the cooling time must be checked
5. Check the pin of socket is protruded over 1mm after fusion